Warm & Alive (feat. Fraser Langton)

by Bay Bryan

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Imagine an old familiar song --one that pirates would sing on their long journeys across open & tumultuous waters-- A tale of two lovers separated by unfortunate circumstance; can they one day be reunited and their love fully realized...?

This single is part of an ongoing recording project called Varied Shapes & Sharp Angles (VSSA): Single-by-single I release new songs and old, each with their own unique production, orchestration & musical style.

Thank you in advance for supporting my music!
-Bay xoxo



Warm & Alive Lyrics:

Off the boat and all alone with heavy heart just skin and bone
a boy was rudely casted;
his pirate brothers thought it wise to throw him hastily aside
For he was blind in love with their captive.

He's wet and cold, filled with many woes
but he will grow to own them;
For in his belly he'll store these worries
and in their fury they'll keep him

Warm & Alive
He prays to all the gods to spare her life
Warm & Alive
He need only make it through another night...

Then there's the girl who has been stripped of all the goodness of the world
For she's been taken captive
Upon the ship she feebly sits and whispers dreams of finding him once again
But she's trapped in her prison

And though she sees no vacancies
no open door nor lock or key
Her hopes stay steady --she's always ready,
with delusions aplenty to keep her

Warm & Alive
She prays to all the gods to spare his life
Warm & Alive
She need only make it through another night

She cries,
'lover I'm waiting
I am still alive and I need your love;
lover, please stay strong
for one day I'll escape these walls and need your love.
I'll need your love...


The many years go past and she has been enabled to at last
To claim her freedom;
She may have killed a dozen men with just a wooden spoon and some linen
Or so goes the legend.

In a seaside town she settles down
she cooks and sews for the ill and old
but while she's busy she's often thinking
and praying that he, he still be

Warm & Alive
even though she's sure that he must have died
Warm & Alive
She opens up the window and she cries

'My lover, come find me
for I am still alive and I need your love
sweet lover, I'm sending
you this song to ride along
the winter breeze --Oh please find me...'

Well the same long years have passed for him, but not so kind to him have they been,
he's quickly aging;
for the many days of dirty drink have caused his eyes to sharply sink
And he bears a list of unloved women

Though he's not proud of how he's found
his health and heartache amidst the drowned
It's on this morning while sipping whiskey
he toast that she be, she still be

Warm & Alive
even though he'd hate for her to see him all awry
Warm & Alive
he lowers his head and he sighs

But then he hears carried on the wind
a melody that could only be from her to him singing
'lover, come find me! For I am still alive and I need your love
I need your love!'

So with a lifted heart he wastes no time to
suddenly depart, following the voice that
could only be his true love, so long he has
waited for her touch --

And over fields and fjords, with pace given by the gods
he travels without pause, yes he travels without pause
until he stumbles upon the place, a cottage covered in vines
a window framing a wearing woman
lost in song and the dish that she dries

Warm & Alive
he stands there in shock that she's survived
Warm & Alive
something clicks and her gaze begins to rise

Her heart begins to pump so loud
that even he can hear it's pounding sound
and when her eyes meet his that have grown a-teary
she gasps and flies to him with fury...

Now standing there with not a touch yet made
she lifts a tear drop from his face
then she smiles and as if in a flash
tackles her lover down to the grass

And there they will lay in happy silence
As the sun sets so will their eyelids
Fall into a peaceful stillness

For their lives forever mended, remaining days forever splendid



released April 21, 2017
Bay Bryan (music, lyrics, piano, vocals & producer)
Fraser Langton (clarinet)
Jacob Passini (cello)
Mineral Sound (sound recording, mixing & mastering)
Special thanks to:
Wind Over the Earth Studios in Longmont, CO



all rights reserved


Bay Bryan New York, New York

Bay Bryan is an independent singer-songwriter & storyteller currently based in NYC; Currently he is working on an ongoing recording project called: "Varied Shapes & Sharp Angles," which he is releasing single-by-single! Recordings of old & new, each one with it's own little back story... You can find out more at www.baybryanmusic.com ... more

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